Miscellaneous Questions

UpdatedThursday December 6, 2018 byEOYS Secretary.

Do I have to participate in any fundraising?

  • East Orange Babe Ruth may plan fundraising to help support the operations of the league. Player registration fees alone are not enough to cover the needed operating capital required for equipment, facilities maintenance and repairs, uniforms, etc.
  • East Orange supplements player registration fees with league sponsors and fundraising. Each team is encouraged to take part in the league wide fundraising activities.
  • League parents may choose to participate in the EOBR sponsorship program. Please visit sponsorship on the website for these opportunities.

Who is responsible for staffing the Snack Bar at the East Orange Babe Ruth complex?

  • Upon registering a player for participation in East Orange Babe Ruth, the player’s parent(s) agree to serve a shift in the snack bar when asked by the Manager. Each team must staff their shift as scheduled by the concessions manager. Each team typically has 1-2 shifts to fulfill at some point during the season.
  • The concessions volunteers are responsible for stocking, serving and assisting the site directors during their shifts. Children 13 years and older are able to volunteer in the snack shack.
  • Please do your part in support of operating the concessions stand. Your team’s shift is purposely scheduled as not to interfere with your player’s game time.

Does EOBR have a lost and found?

  • Yes, currently the lost and found is kept in the league’s equipment shed. Please see a Director for assistance.

What does the league do with my email address?

  • The EOBR feels strongly about communicating with our parents about all aspects of our league. Your email address will be used solely for communication from the league about league news, sponsor promotions or notification of special clinics held for your player. Sponsor promotions are sent out through the BOD and your e-mail address is not shared with the sponsors.

Is smoking permitted at Bithlo Park?

  • Smoking IS NOT permitted ANYWHERE at Bithlo Park per county rules. No tobacco products, including smokeless (dip, snuff, etc..) products are allowed to be used by coaches or players while on the field or in the dugout during practices or games. In addition, the Orange County Parks do not allow the use of alcohol on the property.

 Who do I contact if I have a problem that needs to be resolved by the league?

  • If you have a problem or just want information, you can e-mail the league at any time. However, please first discuss any concerns with your child’s manager, then with the division’s player agent (who is a Board Member assigned to oversee that Division). Contact information is on the website.