Games & Rules Questions

UpdatedSaturday February 27, 2016 byEast Orange Babe Ruth.

Where are East Orange Babe Ruth games played?

  • East Orange Babe Ruth utilizes the baseball and softball fields at Bithlo Park, 18501 Washington Avenue, Bithlo, Florida 32820. A shortage of available field space forces us to use community parks for practice.

Do the teams play games or practice in the rain?

  • Should it rain on a game day, first and foremost, the parks and recreation division will make a decision based on the fields status (whether they are playable or not). Once the game begins, the game umpire makes the weather decisions. Bithlo Park is equipped with a lightning predictor and any time the alarm sounds, whether a game or practice, everyone MUST leave the field area and go the parking lot. Should the lightning distance itself, an ‘all clear’ alarm will sound. Regarding practice, if there isn’t a lightning issue, or a concern about the fields from the parks staff, then your manager makes the final determination about practice if there is rain or the threat of rain. Be sure to Opt-In for text messaging for important and timely field closure notices.

If my child is unable to attend practice, will he/she still get to play in the game?

  • Local league rules require that all players play a minimum of two innings in the field and get a minimum of one (1) time at bat. However, it is very important that your child attend as many of the practices as possible so that he/she can continue to improve their skills while also working with the other players to learn to play as a team. Ultimately, time of place, as well as position of play, is determined by each team’s manager.

Are there any rules around minimum playing time?

  • Rules vary by division regarding playing time, please click ___here____ for the local league ground rules that address this question. Note: any player who arrives after the start of the game is not required to get minimum play at the manager’s discretion .

Are there conduct rules that apply during games?

  • Absolutely. East Orange Babe Ruth does not tolerate foul language or taunting at any level by the players, parents, managers, or coaches. Any spectator, player, manager or coach that is warned is subject to being ejected from the premises and banned from the complex for additional games.

What rules does Babe Ruth use to play?

  • Babe Ruth plays under a rule set published by Babe Ruth League. The rules are based on the Official Baseball Rules (OBR) used by Major League Baseball (MLB) with some changes for the safety of younger players and adaptations to play the game on fields with bases 60 feet apart versus 90 feet apart. In addition, each league publishes their local ground rules. Most of these center on how the minor division and below will play their games. For example, some leagues use various combinations of machine pitch, coach pitch, and kid pitch in the younger divisions.

Are there time limits on games?

  • Yes, the time limit varies by division. Shorter time limits also come into play on weeknights to prevent keeping kids out late on a school night.