Team Assignment Questions

UpdatedThursday December 6, 2018 byEast Orange Babe Ruth.

Does my child have to try out to make a team?

  • All children who register will be assigned to a team. No one is “cut” and not assigned to a team.
  • However, players league age 7 and up must attend skills assessments. This is done to try to create teams of relative skill level, so the games will be more evenly matched.
  • The league will publish the schedule for player evaluations. There will be 2 scheduled sessions for each age group. All players who are required to attend evaluations MUST attend one of the two evaluations or petition in writing the Player Agent for an exception.
  • At the evaluations, players will throw, run, field and hit, as well as those interested will pitch. Usually the evaluation is about two (2) hours, but the length of the evaluation will depend upon the number of players who are participating.

Are teams assigned by drafts?

  • 5U & 6U: Team assignments are random. 
  • All other divisions: Players league age 7 and up must attend evaluations and will be assigned to a team by draft.

My child has no experience. Can they still play?

  • Absolutely! East Orange Babe Ruth is committed to making baseball and softball fun for all ages and all levels of play.

Can my child be placed on a team with one of their friends?

  • You may make such a request during the registration, but in the drafted divisions there is no ability to accommodate such a request. For the 6u and under divisions the league will try to accommodate, however, we now have such a large league (over 700 players) that trying to accommodate all special requests can be a cumbersome task. However, parents may manage and coach together in an effort to place their players on the same team as these are the only special requests permitted.

Do girls play baseball?

  • Yes, girls can play baseball if they choose to do so. However, East Orange also has a softball league that begins with age 5, allowing the girls to play softball t-ball, moving all the way up to the senior division.

If my child is unhappy with the team they are placed on, can they switch teams?

  • In divisions where players are evaluated and drafted (8u and older), NO.
  • Only the Manager who selected the player has the discretion to trade. In younger divisions, players may certainly request shifting teams based on hardships. Requests will be reviewed and decided by the Directors of Softball or Baseball, respectively.

Do you give the players participation trophies?

  • Yes, but only in the 8 and under divisions. We think participation trophies can be an important part of youth sports for younger children.