Registration / Season Start Questions

Updated Wednesday December 2, 2015 by East Orange Babe Ruth.

Why should I register online?

  • We will have live registration dates, where people will come in to register online through our computers. This is for people that don't have web access, or can only pay in cash or check. If you have web access and no debit or cc we suggest you purchase a cash card and complete the process from your home. The lines will be long and we want to make these live dates for our participants who do not have web access to reduce the length of the lines for everyone. 

Is it possible to register late?

  • Additional/late registrations are accepted up until the player evaluations in the spring and team assignments in the fall (usually a few days after the last registration date)

When does the season begin?

  • Please check the East Orange Babe Ruth calendar on the web page for exact league dates and events. Typically, the spring season begins at the end of February or the beginning of March and extends through mid May. The fall season typically begins the Saturday after Labor Day and completes the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving.

How long will the season last?

  • In the spring the East Orange Babe Ruth regular game season usually lasts 13-14 weeks from March through June, including division playoff games. The season is extended for players that are selected to the All-Star tournament teams. Please consider your vacation plans if you have a child that may be selected to these teams. In the fall the season starts in early September and ends in late November.

When will I find out what team my child will play on?

  • All teams should be formed by late January or the beginning of February for spring and in mid to late August in fall. Your child’s manager will notify you of the team’s first meeting and/or practice.
  • If you don’t hear from a team manager by February 4 contact your division Player Agent.

Do you give the players participation trophies?

  • Yes, but only in the 8 and under divisions. We think participation trophies can be an important part of youth sports for younger children. 

When will the practices begin?

  • East Orange Babe Ruth targets the beginning of February for all teams to start practicing for spring and mid-August for fall. The goal is for teams to be in a position to begin practices at least 3-4 weeks before Opening Day, which is the first or second week of March in spring and the second weekend in September in the fall. For Majors and above, practices typically begin the week after draft night. Actual first practices will depend upon weather and formation of teams. Managers who would like to add a practice or change their practice times should contact their player agent to facilitate this request.

How often and long will my child practice?

  • Practice frequency and duration are up to the team manager and vary based on the division, but usually last from an hour to two hours.

Where will my child practice?

  • East Orange Babe Ruth schedules field practice times at the Bithlo Community Park complex. However, due to weekday games in the spring, practice times at Bithlo are almost non-existent, so many teams are assigned a local park or other sports field to conduct practice. You will know where your child will practice once your child is placed on a team and your manager contacts you. Currently, community fields are used in Eastwood, Waterford and Wedgefield.

Are scrimmage games permitted during practice times?

  • Yes, practice games between teams in the same division in the same league are encouraged.

What days and times are the games played?

  • All teams in East Orange Babe Ruth are scheduled for at least one game a week, and in some divisions teams are scheduled for games twice a week. Game days are played Monday through Saturday, with no games on most Fridays. Saturday games will generally start at 8 AM in the morning and the last games of the day usually start at 7 PM. Weekday games generally will begin at 6:30 PM. Games may begin earlier prior to Day Light Savings time. It is recommended that players arrive at the field 45-60 minutes prior to game time so they can properly warm up, and managers can get the line-up cards ready prior to the start of the game.